What is Radiesse?

Get that natural, full-looking skin you've always wanted with the help of RADIESSE Dermal Fillers. Radiesse is an innovative cosmetic procedure that allows patients to have their desired shape and volume of skin without the need for invasive surgery. Maryland Oral Surgery Associates offers a variety of minimally-invasive filler products to choose from such as Radiesse, Botox, Juvéderm and VOLUMA. 

This injection process uses a small needle and is placed under your skins surface to stimulate collagen production which will give it more volume over time.

How Does Radiesse Work?

Radiesse plumps and strengthens your skin instantly by using calcium hydroxyapatite. It also speeds up the healing process by helping your body create its own collagen from calcium hydroxyapatite, which has been shown in clinical trials as more effective than plastic surgery for some people who want improved facial features.

With a natural process like this, it is easy to see how your body can learn and produce more collagen. Over time the substance in calcium hydroxyapatite will interact with naturally-occurring molecules of skin protein stimulating production which helps prevent wrinkles from forming so quickly.

Who is a Good Candidate for Radiesse?

Here are a few factors that could indicate this product is right for you:

  • You have laugh lines
  • You have marionette lines
  • You have chin wrinkles
  • You have jowls
  • You want something effective
  • You want something safe
  • You want results quickly

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