What are Computer Guided Implants?

With the help of expert 3D imaging, we are able to provide you with computer-guided implant technology that carefully and precisely places dental implants. We personally use the iCAT 3D scanner that takes an image of your mouth and underlying structures. With the help of this scan, we can spot vital nerve pathways as well as bone mass. This is then transmitted into a guide that is used in conjunction with implant placement.

Why might you need Computer Guided Implants?

Computer-guided implants are placed precisely where they need to be, improving the chances of solid healing. We use a 3D CT scanning machine known as the ICAT. This machine takes a 3D image of your entire face so that a detailed guide is then made up to plan the placement of the implants. This is essential for patients who may have had implants from other providers in the past that have failed.

What makes you a good candidate for Computer Guided Implants?

The majority of patients who want or need dental implants will benefit from computer-guided planning. This detailed plan guides the doctors in where the implants should be placed. This provides proper, strong and even healing that creates a more successful and lifelong implant. Most people who want to have implants placed will have this imaging done prior to the surgery.

What happens during the procedure for Computer Guided Implants?

Prior to having implants placed, we will take a CT scan using the ICAT in our office. You will stand in the middle of the machine and will be told to stand still while the scan is done. The machine will rotate around your head, providing us with a detailed 3D image of your mouth and facial structures. Vital nerve pathways can be seen and can be noted when placing implants. Using this scan, we will create a computer-guided implant plan so that the implants are placed appropriately. Computer-guided implants heal more evenly and are more comfortable for the patient.

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