What is a Fixed Hybrid Bridge?

A fixed hybrid bridge is an implant retained bridge that can permanently replace all the upper or lower teeth. Some patients have lost all their teeth and choose to have them permanently replaced.  Other patients have teeth, but suffer from periodontitis and/or dental decay.  Instead of choosing extensive treatment to keep them, they opt for tooth removal and replacement with a fixed hybrid bridge.

How Does a Fixed Hybrid Bridge Work?

Hybrid bridges are a fantastic way to replace missing teeth. The first step in replacing your tooth is placing implants beneath the gum tissue and into bone structure nearby, where they will fuse together over time through an organic process called osseointegration (a Cross principle). This unique hybrid bridge allows you not only look great but also perform functions such as chewing food with ease.

Who is a Candidate For A Fixed Hybrid Bridge?

If you are missing one or more teeth, a fixed hybrid bridge may be the right solution for you. The bridge consists of two main types of materials: ceramic and metal. Ceramic is used for the visible portion of the tooth, while metal is used for the hidden portion that lies underneath the gum line. The advantage of using a hybrid bridge is that it provides the strength and stability of a metal bridge with the natural look of a ceramic bridge.

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