What is a Genioplasty?

The sliding genioplasty is a specific surgery that realigns your chin by cutting and moving your chin bone. The procedure might be right for someone whose chins set too far back, forward or has an improper bite alignment; when corrected this can help align any problem areas such as very long or short faces. 

What is The Genioplasty Process?

Surgery is an incredible experience, but it isn't always comfortable. During surgery the oral surgeon will use intravenous sedation or general anesthesia to make this procedure as smooth and safe for you possible before incision. During the incision process, they'll cut from where the bottom lip meets gum line (or underneath the chin) in order move your chin from your lower jaw onto plates attached at each end by screws so that once they're fastened tightly into place we can electronically close off any wounds using sutures/stitches which usually takes between 1-2 hours depending on how wound up someone might be feeling after having gone through all of these steps without anything happening yet

Who is a Candidate for Genioplasty?

The sliding genioplasty is a procedure that most people get done for cosmetic reasons. If you have an injury or are born with some kind of condition, it might be necessary to reconstruct your chin and jawline. However, reconstructive surgery can help after any type of damage has occurred like facial fractures

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