CT Guided Implants

Guided Dental Implants

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Our doctors at MARYLAND ORAL SURGERY ASSOCIATES use state of the art, revolutionary technology called “Cone Beam CT” to plan and perform implant surgery. We use the best Cone Beam CT scanner available in the United States called the iCAT.

Cone Beam CT’s use much less radiation than medical-grade CT scanners but provide us with crystal clear images that allow us to view your jaws and teeth in all 3-dimensions. Previously dentists and oral surgeons have been limited to using only 2-dimensional x-rays, which made our diagnostic and treatment planning abilities much less accurate.

After obtaining a Cone Beam CT scan, dental implant planning software is used to build an accurate 3-dimensional model of your jaws and teeth. Using this model we can identify key anatomic structures around and within the bones and teeth. Our doctors then perform “virtual dental implant surgery” on the model of your jaw. This allows them to know exactly what type and size of the dental implant can be used safely in any location of your upper or lower jaw. This digital information is shared with your dentist to ensure that the implant is in an ideal position for him or her to provide you with the best looking and most functional restoration possible.

The final part of our treatment plan includes the fabrication of a “surgical guide”. This guide is custom made to fit your teeth and jaw using the digital information of your anatomy and the position of the dental implants we obtained from your Cone Beam CT. The surgical guides are used during surgery to allow our doctor to accurately place your dental implants in the exact position he had planned during “virtual surgery”. Using this technique our doctors can even place dental implants with such precision that no incisions may be required. This makes postoperative recovery faster and patients have much less discomfort.

We are very proud to offer such a technologically advanced service to our patients!

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